Are you interested in having your own online school?

Brent can work with you to make that a reality.  He will partner with your organization to create an online platform and course management system (CMS) for your company or association. This is not a redirected website! This is your site and your online course.

Brent has built (and rebuilt) his own online platform from the ground up and has continued to be at the technological forefront of online education. He specializes in education and instructional design using his expertise to improve how students learn and engage.


  • facilitating the creation of the course and its content

  • modifying the course and CMS to meet the specifications required by the licensing authority

  • managing all technical support and answering student content questions

  • responsibility for credit card fees and the enrollment process

  • responsibility for completion reporting to the licensing authority

Brent has redefined adult education by investing in the latest technologies to improve the way students view online courses. His mission is to provide flexibility and use creativity to design meaningful, effective, and entertaining courses.