Nerdy By Nature

Running a profitable business requires careful attention to detail. Agents become more productive when they learn to measure what matters. Even if you are not detail-oriented, this course will show you what numbers you should be tracking and how to use these metrics for success, profitablilty, and differentiation.

Agency Disaster Planning

Expecting the Unexpected

Are you prepared for the next disaster? In this course, I’ll show you how vulnerable you are to attacks and data breaches. You will discover solutions you can put in place today to protect yourself from the inevitable hack or data breach.

Real Estate Negotations

This course will ensure that you understand the purpose of a negotiation. What is required from the client? What does the client perceive as important? Know the supply + demand factors in the market and how to secure facts about the property.

Talk Nerdy to Me

Using metrics for success

How’s the market looking? We break down key economic indicators that you should be tracking in your local market. We explain how they affect your business and how you can use them to differentiate yourself as the expert in your market.

Planning for Profit

A practical real estate business plan

It’s not about the money you make; it’s about the money you keep. Too many agents have great success making sales, but at the end of the year they have nothing to show for it. This course will show you how to put profit first by creating a strategic and profitable business plan. You’ll learn to begin thinking (and acting) like an entrepreneur.

Systems Equal Success

Research shows that 90%-95% of all human behavior is habitual. We perform most activities without really thinking about them. This course will introduce simple systems that can be put into place to promote good habits and increase productivity.


Listing Language

Working with sellers and listing with purpose

A how-to guide to acquire sellers, list property, and sell houses

Buyer Bonanza

Becoming a better buyer’s agent

Learn how to determine what buyers want and get them into the home of their dreams

Clear to Close

Completing the real estate transaction and beyond

How to negotiate, avoid deal killers, and get the transaction closed; client retention after closing


Creating and keeping buyers’ trust

Have you ever worked with a buyer for months, only to have them purchase a house using another REALTOR® on their own? Why did they do that? This course will show you what went wrong and how you can train your buyers to stay loyal.

Servicing a Listing

Service is more than a sign in the ground. This course provides the techniques to handle sellers during the listing process and sell the property.

Minding the Generation Gap

This course provides strategies on working with clients of all ages.