30 Incredibly Unique Book Covers

Book cover design is an art in and of itself. Creative professionals who work in this field face the challenge of communicating a book’s message, spirit and tone in a single piece of communication design. On top of that, this one composition will be replicated via print and a seemingly endless number of digital formats.

Book Cover Design Basics

Some ideas to consider as you’re designing a book cover include:

  • Memorability: Will readers remember this title easily based on the graphics you’ve designed?
  • Mind the genre: Are we looking at a fiction or non-fiction title? Business or poetry? Marketing or design? Each space comes with its own set of visual expectations.
  • Readability: Are you arranging the words in such a way that they are easy to read?
  • Legibility: Is the typeface you’ve selected properly kerned and full of distinguishable characters?
  • Avoid clashing colors: Use palettes that convey balance and professionalism. Whatever feeling your colors evoke will translate to the readers’ experience and perception.


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